[users at bb.net] notification by status changes per branch

Gelonida gelonida at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 12:10:23 UTC 2017



I just started with buildbot 9 (and have a little experience with 
buildbot 8)

In our environment we have about 50 different git repositories and about 
100 builders (between 1 and 4 builders per repo).

Each repository has up to 20 branches which can be grouped into 
production branches, integration branches and developer branches.


I'd like create notifications whenever:

- a given branch changes it's build status
- a build has been performed on a new branch


I was reading through the documentation of the reporters and I saw, 
that  MailNotifier has a 'mode' attribute which I could set to 'change'.
However if I understand correctly I would not achieve what I wanted.
If I have a 'passing' branch and a 'failing' branch and developers would 
push commits in turns then I would get notified on every change.

Is there any such functionality available? If yes, where can I get more 
Does anybody else have a similar issue? If yes, how do you deal with it?

If this is not available. Do you have any advice of how I could 
implement this within buildbot with a self written Reporter (plugin),  
which had to be able to remember/access the most recent build status for 
each branch.

I thought alternatively about an HTTP push notification to another self 
written server who is then dealing with the notifications but this might 
be overkill.
However I wonder how stable this would be if a notification got lost due 
to network issues. I assume, that a 'timed-out' notification will not be 
resent at a later time.

Thanks a lot in advance for any ideas / feed back

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