[users at bb.net] More 0.9.0rc2 multi-master anecdotes.

Neil Gilmore ngilmore at grammatech.com
Mon Mar 6 21:36:39 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

Well, things ran OK for a couple weeks. But we had some problems 
starting last weekend. At least some failure emails don't seem to be 
getting sent out. And a problem we'd been having a bit of got a lot worse.

For whatever reason, queued builds don't seem to want to start. 
Sometimes for hours. Even forced builds. This doesn't seem to be a 
locking problem, though I'll be having a look at that side in a bit. But 
we'll have builds sitting for hours before they start. If they start. 
Some of our people get antsy and cancel the current queue then force a 
build. But sometimes those wait, too.

And we're having trouble getting the masters to deal with new revisions 
fro svn. Everything else looks OK (postcommit hooks, etc.) I'm just not 
sure what's going on.

Reconfig hasn't helped, nor has restarting one of the masters.

We are getting integrity errors in our database, too.

Except for the database problem, the rest looks like network connection 
stuff, perhaps, though we haven't had any problems there for a while.

Neil Gilmore

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