[users at bb.net] Using SSH keys with GitPoller and Git step?

Chris Spencer chrisspen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 13:40:29 UTC 2017

I don't understand. That looks like it's still storing a password in the
URL. Are you saying that SSH keys aren't currently supported by Buildbot in
any way?

In that case, is there any way to at least hide the output of the Git step,
so my password isn't recorded to the publicly visible Buildbot log?

On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 3:09 AM, Pierre Tardy <tardyp at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Chris
> What I usually do is to put the credentials into the ~/.gitconfig of the
> worker.
> You can use the insteadOf directive of the gitconfig so that you buildbot
> looks like
> git://myserver_id/repo
> Then you gitconfig has something like:
> [url "ssh://bot:password@myserver.mycompany.com/"]
>     insteadOf=git://myserver_id/
> Note that the best practice is to use ssh keys, instead of password. We
> are currently working at a nice method to get the master send ssh keys and
> other creds securely to the worker just for the time of a step.
> Regards
> Pierre
> On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 2:18 AM Chris Spencer <chrisspen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> How do you specify the ssh key to use with the Gitpoller and Git step
>> classes?
>> I'm currently hard-coding my username/password in the repourl, and I'd
>> like to move away from that for security reasons. However, even after
>> reading the docs and looking at the source, I can see no obvious way to
>> specify the pem key file to checkout and fetch via ssh.
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