[users at bb.net] Branch and revision flow

Paulo Matos pmatos at linki.tools
Fri Jul 14 08:38:43 UTC 2017


In 0.9.9post2 (which might work in this respect as previous versions)
there's still something I don't quite get...

Assume I have a very popular project to test, with regular commits to
several branches. A change source is triggered for branch master because
of new revision abc. This triggers the scheduler which schedules a build
and starts a series of steps, one of which is a steps.Git.

At this point, how does steps.Git know which branch/revision to
checkout? I want to checkout the exact revision which caused change
source to trigger the scheduler, not the latest one. Is the
branch/revision somehow passed down the chain behind the scenes or do I
have to same it somehow as a property?


Paulo Matos

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