[users at bb.net] More multi-master anecdotes and collapsing questions.

Neil Gilmore ngilmore at grammatech.com
Wed Jul 5 16:20:04 UTC 2017

Hi everyone.

Well, now that I can (reliably) release locks though Twisted's manhole, 
things are a bit brighter. We have a somewhat rare problem in which all 
of a worker's builders are 'acquiring locks'. Doesn't happen often, but 
it keeps things from running. Remember, we can't use the worker 
configuration to limit builds.

But we're having another problem that seems to be getting a bit worse. I 
seem to recall Pierre saying that in a multi-master configuration, if 
there was a scheduler that existed on multiple masters, that scheduler 
would only be active on a single master. Other masters might activate 
that scheduler if the first master went away. So there should only be 
one master's scheduler scheduling particular builds.

Well, that isn't happening for us. It's not a problem most of the time, 
because the builds do collapse, most of the time. Except when they don't.

For example, last weekend we had 3 builds schedule and build for the 
same sourcestamp (according to the debug information in the UI). The 
builds were scheduled within 3 seconds of each other. However, they were 
claimed many hours apart. It appears that the first build completed 
before the second was claimed, etc. Is this how it ought to go? I 
haven't quite cracked the submitted/claimed/started timing.

We had a similar claiming problem last week where a build went unclaimed 
for 44 days. So when it popped up. it appeared that we had gone back in 
time (as the revision was quite old at that time).

Do I just need to figure out how to not put schedulers on more than 1 

Neil Gilmore

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