[users at bb.net] How do you pass through authentication from Apache?

Pierre Tardy tardyp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 08:50:32 UTC 2017

Hi Chris,
What you are looking for is theRemoteUserAuth plugin

There is no more support for combination useHttpHeader + HTPasswdAprAuth,
which allowed apache authentication + anonymous access.
I am not sure exactly if this is what you mean by "show no output to an
anonymous user"


Le mer. 15 févr. 2017 à 07:21, Chris Spencer <chrisspen at gmail.com> a écrit :

> In 0.8.*, I was using http authentication in Apache to collect the
> username/password and pass that through to Buildbot. I was doing that with:
>     authz_cfg=authz.Authz(
>         auth=auth.HTPasswdAprAuth('.htpasswd')),
>         useHttpHeader=True,
>         ...
>     )
> However, in 0.9.*, there doesn't appear to be a HTPasswdAprAuth class or a
> useHttpHeader option. Is there still a way to setup this type of
> authentication?
> My goal is to show no output to an anonymous user.
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