[users at bb.net] 0.9.3, mostly finished, and another question.

Neil Gilmore ngilmore at grammatech.com
Wed Feb 1 16:28:03 UTC 2017

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the advice.

I see that the key is to go through master.data more than trying to go 
through the object instances and their parents/sibling/children.

Neil Gilmore

On 2/1/2017 10:22 AM, Pierre Tardy wrote:
> Hi Neil,
> My goto code for examples on how to get stuff from the data API is here:
> http://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/blob/master/master/buildbot/reporters/utils.py#L109
> I would suggest you to copy some part of this code
> something like this should work:
>     buildsteps = yield defer.gatherResults(
>         [master.data.get(("builds", build['buildid'], 'steps'))
>          for build in builds])
>     for s in buildsteps:
>         if step['name'] in interresting_step_names:
>             s['logs'] = yield master.data.get(("steps", s['stepid'], 
> 'logs'))
>             for l in s['logs']:
>                 first_100_lines = yield master.data.get(("logs", 
> l['logid'], 'contents', resultSpec=resultspec.ResultSpec(offset=0, 
> limit=100))
> Le mer. 1 févr. 2017 à 17:08, Neil Gilmore <ngilmore at grammatech.com 
> <mailto:ngilmore at grammatech.com>> a écrit :
>     Hi everyone.
>     Thanks to everyone on this list, and Pierre's patches in
>     particular, we
>     now have our masters running 0.9.3, with a couple, um,
>     enhancements. In
>     particular, we're using Pierre's patches to enable reconfiguration in
>     the schedulers. My users thank you.
>     We did see a few oddities upon restarting the masters, though. Quite a
>     few of our builders reported 2 builds running for a builder at the
>     same
>     time. And one builder even had an intervening build between the
>     two that
>     were building.
>     And now the question.
>     Back last fall, I inquired as to why our custom build step was failing
>     to produce a correct log (I haven't had a chance to follow up on this
>     particular item since then). Here's code:
>     class MyCustomStep(ShellCommand):
>           name = "errorlog"
>           haltOnFailure = 1
>           description = ["checking for errors"]
>           descriptionDone = ["done checking for errors"]
>           OFFprogressMetrics = ('output',)
>           # things to track: number of files compiled, number of
>     directories
>           # traversed (assuming 'make' is being used)
>           def createSummary(self, cmd):
>     self.addCompleteLog('stdio_head',cmd.getText()[0:65536])
>     Pierre's response that synchronous logs don't really work any more is
>     fine, and he offered this instead:
>     first_100_lines = yield self.master.data.get(("logs", log['logid'],
>     "contents"), resultSpec=resultspec.ResultSpec(offset=0, limit=100))
>     Unfortunately, I haven't been too successful at getting a log id from
>     inside of createSummary(). Is there any easy way to do that? (if
>     anyone
>     knows off the top of their head, it'll save me some work).
>     My current fix was to change master.cfg have our mail stuff use stdio
>     instead of stdio_head, and have the mail code to cut down the log
>     to 64K
>     there. This didn't quite have the intended effect.
>     I'd sort of thought that only the logs for the failed steps would be
>     included. I was wrong. Any log in the build named stdio for any step
>     would be included. On the bright side, they're all cut down to 64K or
>     less. On the less-than-bright side, sometimes we get many logs
>     attached
>     (to the point where some emails were getting caught by an email list
>     waiting for moderator approval, as they got too large for the
>     lists' limit).
>     So it looks like I'm back to spelunking the code to find a log id. My
>     other option (which is really a hack) is to know that stdio_head
>     is only
>     generated in steps named errorlog, and only process those.
>     Neil Gilmore
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