[users at bb.net] not seeing any stdio/stdout /stderr

Adam Wozniak adam.wozniak at axonvr.com
Thu Apr 20 16:59:56 UTC 2017

Win 10 Pro, Version 1703, OS Build 15063.138, 64 bit
Python 2.7
Buildbot version: 0.9.5
Twisted version: 17.1.0
One local worker

I'm not seeing output from any of my build steps.

I get:

in dir C:\Users\master\Desktop\BuildbotMaster\workers\worker1\PROJECT\build/PROJECT (timeout 1200 secs)
watching logfiles {}
argv: ['.\\builder.sh']
[ ... lots of env vars ... ]
using PTY: False
program finished with exit code 0

and I am certain that script produces output.

My build steps all have
Factory.addStep(steps.ShellCommand(want_stdout=True,want_stderr=True, ...
(even though I suspect those are the defaults, I get no output whether I have them or not)

What am I doing wrong?

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