[users at bb.net] Looking for help on creating Mercurial repo change hook with Buildbot

Alvaro Erickson aerickson at xkl.com
Fri Apr 7 16:58:39 UTC 2017


I am using Buildbot version 0.9.1. And I am trying to use a Mercurial 
change hook to notify Buildbot of when there is a change in a Mercurial 
meta repository. So, I followed what is written in the Buildbot manual 
for change hooks (URL: 
http://docs.buildbot.net/current/manual/cfg-wwwhooks.html) and the help 
documentation in the hgbuildbot.py script documentation. And here are 
the steps I performed for setting up the change hook (Note: I changed 
the IP address info to protect my project):

1. Enabling the base dialect in Buildbot's master.cfg by adding the 
following code:

c['www'] = dict(change_hook_dialects={'base': True})

2. Copied the hgbuildbot.py from the Buildbot ./master/contrib/ repo to 
the .hg folder of the repo I want notify to Buildbot

3. Added the following to the repo's hgrc:

changegroup.buildbot = python:.hg/hgbuildbot.py:hook

venv = /home/buildbotuser/master/lib/python2.7/site-packages
master =

4. Tested the change hook setup by using the Buildbot repo's 

5. And I keep the getting following error in the twisted.log, no matter 
what I tried (like changing the ip address to localhost):

[_GenericHTTPChannelProtocol,0,] The dialect specified, 
'base', wasn't whitelisted in change_hook

[_GenericHTTPChannelProtocol,0,] Note: if dialect is 'base' 
then it's possible your URL is malformed and we didn't regex it properly

Any help and/or guidance would be appreciated?



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