[users at bb.net] haltOnFailure vs doStepIf

Daniel Kauffman daniel.kauffman at rocksolidsolutions.org
Sun Oct 23 05:09:11 UTC 2016

How would one make a BuildStep conditional on the build status of all 
previous steps?  For example, a final build step that uploads a package 
to a staging area might be configured to do so only if all previous 
steps completed successfully, but if some steps involved running tests, 
we might want to run all of the tests even if some have already failed.  
The haltOnFailure option allows halting a build.  Can the doStepIf be 
used to only run the final steps if the build status is clean?  Or is 
there a preferred approach to handling this situation?

Daniel Kauffman
Lead Developer
Rock Solid Solutions, LLC

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