[users at bb.net] ForceScheduler trouble converting from 0.8.12 to 0.9.0

Tristram, Falk falk.tristram at cognex.com
Thu Oct 20 06:59:14 UTC 2016

A cronjob may do the job, but this is my last option.
I am currently looking into options that are more intrinsic and event-based.

According to the command line parameters, the buildbot reacts to SIGHUP
“SIGHUP a buildmaster to make it re-read the config file”
So it should be possible to emit this signal via python from inside the bot, right?
Then the bot will reconfig. I didn’t test this so far.

The next item would be just to recognize tag-changes from a (Git)Poller or similar.

I would prefer a solution that circumvents this problem by updating the value on a time basis.
This could be done by a “Poller” that updates the list of tags every five minutes.

What you can do is to generate the list of choice during the configuration in your master.cfg.
And you can add a external cronjob that does buildbot reconfig every now and then.

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