[users at bb.net] ForceScheduler trouble converting from 0.8.12 to 0.9.0

Tristram, Falk falk.tristram at cognex.com
Mon Oct 17 14:21:24 UTC 2016


I am currently in the process to convert an existing master.cfg from 0.8.12 to 0.9.0.
The guide "Upgrading to Nine" helped.

Now I am stuck at the point where the ChoiceStringParameters don't work as before.
The corresponding selection forms on the website are empty.
I could track the problem down, that the function "getChoices" is not called any longer.

I post some code that worked with 0.8.12:

class GitChoiceParameter(ChoiceStringParameter):

    name = "gitchoice"

    def __init__(self,
                 repository, **kwargs):
        self.repository = repository
        log.msg("Initialized GitChoiceParameter for %s %s" % (name, label))
        ChoiceStringParameter.__init__(self, name=name, label=label, **kwargs)

    def getChoices(self, master, scheduler, buildername):
        # This never gets called
        log.msg("GitChoiceParameter getChoices %s " % self.label)

# As from the docu
codebase = util.CodebaseParameter("", "Repo", branch=GitChoiceParameter(name='branch', label='Branch:', repository='...'))

Once I add choices=['A', 'B', 'C']
util.CodebaseParameter( ...., repository='...', choices=['A', 'B', 'C'])
I can see 'A', 'B' and 'C' on the website.
BUT my getChoices function is still not called at all.

Best regards,
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