[users at bb.net] multi-master and MailNotifier.

Neil Gilmore ngilmore at grammatech.com
Thu Oct 13 14:08:55 UTC 2016

Good morning everyone,

We seem to still have a bit of a problem with our multi-master setup 
regarding MailNotifier.

When we first startined using multi-master, I'd neglected to separate 
the MailNotifiers as I had the builders. This resulted in every email 
getting sent from all 4 of out masters. Which wouldn't have been so bad 
except for a critical piece of reporting code crashing which made every 
build 'fail'. So we had an email flood.

I got the MailNotifiers associated with builds separated, and we got the 
other code running, and the flood was mostly abated.

But we also had one MailNotifier that just used builders=[]. The 
comments by it say that that MailNotifier is for worker-missing emails. 
That one got separated out yesterday.

At present, every failure email sent has a URL beginning with 
locaclhost:8080, instead of the correct one. How can I correct this? Do 
the MailNotifiers need to be in the UI master (which surely ought to 
know the URL for the UI)? Something else? Currently, the MailNotifiers 
are in the same masters as their builders.


Neil Gilmore

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