[users at bb.net] How to add SVN revision to extraHeaders (to group emails from different slaves)?

Mojca Miklavec mojca at macports.org
Wed Oct 12 08:18:58 UTC 2016


Most often a "broken commit" (or known-to-be-incompatible software)
breaks functionality on multiple (or all) slaves.

So we would find it super useful if we could group failure emails from
different slaves by SVN revision.

We planned to add an additional header like
    In-Reply-To = commit-r123456 at example.com

I see that MailNotifier supports adding
but it's not clear to me how to access the svn revision or git shasum
at the point where MailNotifier is being added.

I would be grateful for ideas about how to properly implement that (in
version eight).

The next thing we would want to do is to group forced builds (when
someone triggers a build from the web interface to all slaves, we
would need some similar unique identifier to be able to add the same
In-Reply-To to all failure emails).

Thank you,

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