[users at bb.net] How to detect timeouts?

Will Rosecrans wrosecrans at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 23:25:21 UTC 2016

So, I have a step that sometimes times out.  When it fails, we usually look
at a summary log and see "test XYZ failed", etc.  But when there is a
timeout, the summary is empty or incomplete and we have to look at the full
log, and see that it ends with a message about the timeout, and it's kind
of a pain. and easy to miss.

So, how do I detect that a step times out?  I would like to do something
like either a step that can declare that the previous step timed out, or a
subclass of the ShellCommand step I am using to run the tests that will
change it's description based on how it failed.  Unfortunately, I can't
find anything about a step that indicates clearly that the reason it failed
was a timeout rather than the shell command returned nonzero.  It all just
results in "FAILED" status.  What's the best way to check for it?  I am
using an older Buildbot v0.8.8 because I support some older infrastsructure.
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