[users at bb.net] multi-master and workers connection 0.9.1

Mike Alexeev mike.42.alexeev at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 14:06:28 UTC 2016

Hello everyone.

I have question about multi-master mode in 0.9.1.

My setup is:
 master-A with one builder and one force scheduler
 master-B with another builder and one force scheduler.
 worker connected to master-A

Also there is MySQL url and crossbar url in both masters configs.
MySQL is working, crossbar is working, both masters write in logs:

[WampWebSocketClientProtocol,client] Wamp connection succeed!

As I know, that  force scheduler works only on master with web gui.
So both masters have web gui.

Gui works, I see all builders in web gui of both masters and force buttons.

The main goal of this setup to share workers among several projects.
Each of them has many components, more than 20.
And there are also many projects, more than 20.
So idea is to have one master per project with its own gui but shared
Later I'm going to separate builders in gui for each master.

Problem is that worker doesn't know anything about builder on master-B.

If I not mistaken, after startup master starts to listen workers on pb
After worker connects master connects builders to worker.
I see in master's log:

 Worker example-worker attached to builder-A

And master connects only it's own builders, not other masters builders even
other master is already up.

Its ok if other master will connect it's builders to workers, but workers
don't connect to it
because only one master host:port specified in worker's config.

How can be solved this situation? Or maybe another multi-master setup is
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