[users at bb.net] 0.9.0: AnyBranchScheduler vs Nightly

Tristram, Falk falk.tristram at cognex.com
Fri Nov 11 08:52:54 UTC 2016


I have a builder named "distribute" with the only purpose to trigger up to 5 other builders.
Let's call these 5 builders A, B, C, D, E.

When the AnyBranchBranchScheduler detects any changes on the GIT repository
it then simply kicks off the builder "distribute" which then decides which other builders to trigger.
This works as expected and correctly.
The codebase, branch, repository is given correctly to A-E.

When using the Nightly the builder "distribute" has the correct values,
BUT the builders A-E have now an additional codebase.
This additional codebase is empty and only contains the values
created_at and ssid. This ssid is not related to "distribute" in any way
and the created_at points to the past (I am not sure if this actually the timestamp when the master was started).

As a result of this the wrong branch is used and so on.

The Nightly is configured as follows:

Nightly(name='Distributed Build x.y.z',   codebases={'name' : { 'branch' : 'x.y.z' } }, builderNames=['DistributeBuilds'], properties=nightly_properties, hour=0)

Best regards,

PS: Is it worth mentioning this worked correctly in 0.8.12 and now fails in 0.9.0 ?
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