[users at bb.net] 0.9.0rc2, multi-master, and anecdotes on reconfig.

Neil Gilmore ngilmore at grammatech.com
Fri Nov 4 15:51:38 UTC 2016

(managed to not reply to the list the first time...)

On 11/4/2016 9:02 AM, Neil Gilmore wrote:
> Hi Pieter,
> Thanks for the reply and explanation. It's nice to know that someone 
> else experiences this.
> It would also explain a previous problem we had where someone updated 
> the configuration to move a daily builder to a new time, and it would 
> never schedule.
> I can do restarts, but it's socially painful (people notice and 
> complain immediately). Keeping history isn't a problem, though, as we 
> send all our build results to a different, more comprehensive system.
> Neil Gilmore
> grammatech.com
> On 11/4/2016 2:48 AM, Pieter Lexis wrote:
>> Hello Neil,
>> On Thu, 3 Nov 2016 16:27:11 -0500
>> Neil Gilmore <ngilmore at grammatech.com> wrote:
>>> It seems that after a branch change and reconfig, our buildbot 
>>> system is
>>> misbehaving. Builds are not getting scheduled.
>>> <SNIP>
>> I have been experiencing similar 'issues' since beta 2 (I believe). I 
>> don't update the configuration often, so I hardly notice. This is 
>> with a single master.
>> But e.g. adding a builder to a scheduler and reloading the config. It 
>> appears that that this is not picked up. After a restart (which I can 
>> do on the platform I'm running), all is well.
>> However, I once forgot to restart and noticed the next day that after 
>> some time the changes were picked up, leading me to believe that 
>> buildbot might keep some old state around, although I have not been 
>> able to reproduce this in a test environment.
>> Best regards,
>> Pieter

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