[users at bb.net] Using Buildbot to track machine learning tasks?

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Tue Mar 15 12:41:06 UTC 2016

  I have some limited experience using Buildbot for automated testing, but
I am interested in the possibility of utilizing it for tracking
long-running machine learning tasks.
  At first blush it seems like it would be a good fit for this sort of
task, particularly because of how easy it is to customize many aspects of
the build process.

  The idea is to use it as a platform to launch and track the training of
statistical models at work, then provide a nice summary of the results
(training/testing/regressions/comparisons) when they are prepared.

  I interested in starting with the latest version (still-beta?) of
Buildbot and am basically just curious if there are any other
users/developers out there that have some kind of experience (bad or good)
of using Buildbot for this sort of task (for which it was not explicitly

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