[users at bb.net] try scheduler setup issue

Sergio Borghese s.borghese at netresults.it
Wed Jul 27 07:47:46 UTC 2016

Hi All, 

I'm using buildbot 8.12 and I'm trying to setup a try build for the first time. 
In my master.py configuration I added the following: 

test_try_scheduler = schedulers.Try_Userpass ( 
name = "try_sceduler", 
builderNames = [ eds_cucm_trunk_centos6_64b_builder.name, 
eds_cucm_curr_stable_centos6_64b_builder.name ], 
port = 8031, 
userpass=[("alice","pw1"), ("bob", "pw2")] ) 
c['schedulers'].append( test_try_scheduler ) 

Running the try command to get the builder names works fine: 
$ buildbot try --get-builder-names --connect=pb --master=<master_ip>:8031 --username=alice --passwd=pw1 
using 'pb' connect method 
The following builders are available for the try scheduler: 

I then tried running my first try build as follows: 

$ buildbot try --connect=pb --vc=svn --master=<master_ip>:8031 --username=alice --passwd=pw1 -C "try build # 1" -b eds_cucm_curr_stable_centos6_64b --dryrun --wait 

using 'pb' connect method 
job created 
Repository: <local_src_dir> 
Branch: None 
Revision: 8015 
Builders: ['eds_cucm_curr_stable_centos6_64b'] 
Index: main.cpp 
--- main.cpp (revision 8015) 
+++ main.cpp (working copy) 
@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@ 

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) 
+ qDebug() << "This is a try build test" ; 
if (argc == 2) 
if ( QString(argv[1]) == "-t" ) 

job has been delivered 
contacting the status port at 
Unhandled error in Deferred: 
Unhandled Error 
Traceback from remote host -- Traceback (most recent call last): 
Failure: twisted.cred.error.UnauthorizedLogin: 

what am I doing wrong? I assume this is not really an authentication error, as the --get-builder-names works fine. 

Many thanks 

Sergio Borghese 
Senior Software Engineer 
NetResults S.r.l. 
Via Agostino Bassi 5, 56121 Ospedaletto (Pi), Italy 
Tel.: +39.050.316.3658 
web: www.netresults.it 

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