[users at bb.net] creating buildbot rules dynamically from source tree

Timo Teras timo.teras at iki.fi
Wed Jul 27 07:26:59 UTC 2016


I'm currently looking for CI build tool for our master git tree (with
several stable branches), that is used to build several sub-projects.
Ideally it would take pull requests, complete all builds and after that
merge the pull request to official git tree.

While the buildbot execution side seems to have everything needed. I'm
wondering if the buildbot core is flexible enough to support the
following workflow:

1. Monitor git tree, map pull requests to some stable branch

2. When tree is updated, do the following to refresh build
   - plugin parses the sub-projects of the tree, including their
     inter dependencies and build variants (cpu architectures)
   - all builds are executed and distributed across builders (based on
     the architectures, and handling dependencies)

3. If the all of the above succeeds, it'll:
   - collect the builds and publish them
   - push the git pull request to the qa-checked git repository

Now, 1 and 3 are probably just matter of writing the code to
hooks/configuration. The tricky part is how to do 2.

Is it possible fora plugin to dynamically create the buildbot rules from
project content? Is there any examples for doing this?


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