[users at bb.net] Structure of buildbot installation for multiple projects

Paulo Matos pmatos at linki.tools
Fri Jul 22 11:00:06 UTC 2016

On 22/07/16 12:07, Benoît Allard wrote:
> The point is, there is no general rule of what you should do. Buildbot
> is meant as a framework, and as such is built to be flexible and adapt
> to anyone's idea. It's very good at that by the way !

Thanks for your reply. Even though it is a framework I was keen to hear
if there's a recommended way because 'all other ways might get you into
trouble'. Good to hear that's not the case.

> Usually, you want to have one master (= one web interface), to
> orchestrate your different workers. You probably want to install one
> worker per machine you have (+ maybe one on the master itself if it's
> not very busy already)

Makes sense up to here.

> One key concept you are not mentioning here are the 'builders'.
> builders perform a predefined list of actions. You can have as many
> builders as you want on a worker. 

That's certainly what I was missing in my buildbot mental model.

> See it this way, machines are usually
> setup to be able to perform some specific tasks (some have tools to
> build documentation, other have compiler installed, they can have
> different OSes, ...), so each worker will have a purpose. Based on the
> purpose of your builder, you will then be able to assign each builder
> to a worker.

That makes total sense. I guess two builders would be necessary for the
same project if the project for example needs different steps to build
under different Oses, right?

> Does that helps you moving forward ?

I think so. Thanks for the help!

Kind regards,

Paulo Matos

> Regards,
> Ben.

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