[users at bb.net] Structure of buildbot installation for multiple projects

Paulo Matos pmatos at linki.tools
Thu Jul 21 06:34:19 UTC 2016


I am setting up a new buildbot infrastructure for multiple projects. The
issue here is that I haven't understood exactly what's the
recommendation on how to do this. I have 3 projects, 4 computer for
work. I intend to use 0.9rc.

* Do I need 1 master per project?
* Do I need 1 worker per project, per computer?

I noticed that there multi project support in buildbot which in this
case would mean I have 1 pc for the master and the remaining for
workers. But then do I have 1 worker / cpu (totalling 3) or 1 worker /
cpu / project (totalling 9) connecting to the same master?

It would be great if someone could clarify what's the best way going


Paulo Matos

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