[users at bb.net] filter 0.9.0rc1 waterfall by tags?

Dave Vitek dvitek at grammatech.com
Wed Jul 20 18:45:11 UTC 2016

Hi all,

We have recently upgraded from an older buildbot version to 0.9.0rc1.  
Our understanding is that "tags" in new versions essentially replace 
"categories" from old versions.  People frequently used ?category=foo to 
restrict the waterfall to a subset of builders.  We have about 400 
builders and no single person would want to see all of them.

I notice that the new "Builders" page has UI for filtering by tags. Any 
chance there's some hidden feature for doing the same thing on the 
waterfall by hacking the URL?  I tried "borrowing" the tags= component 
from the Builders page, but it had no effect.

- Dave

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