[users at bb.net] escaping double quotes when using Shellcommand

honas grael honasgraeymael at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 16:58:17 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,
I am trying to use the Windows FOR /F <http://ss64.com/nt/for_f.html>

        FOR */F* ["*options*"] %%*parameter* IN (*filenameset*) DO *command*

The option(s) must be contained within "a pair of quotes"

Loop command: against a set of files - conditionally perform a command
against each item

Something along the lines of

...Shellcommand(["cmd "," For F "delims= " x"])

note that the 2 paramters "delims" must be inside double quotes

I have tried doing

...Shellcommand(["cmd ",r" connect to service "delims= " x"])

but I keep getting errors i,e unexpected delims

however when I type the command into the windows cmd shell it works fine

Any idea how I can make use of this command? How should I go about escaping
the " so that they aren't rejected in the master.cfg but still make it
through when being executed

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