[users at bb.net] web status customizations

Stefan Seefeld stefan at seefeld.name
Wed Apr 20 11:41:16 UTC 2016


I'm setting up a buildbot instance for two projects. Each one needs to
be built in a range of configurations for a set of different platforms
(i.e. ~ 50 builders per project).

I find the existing web status interface a bit unwieldy in this context,
and would like to write my own views to make the interface more compact.
I'm thus wondering whether there were already examples to draw
inspiration from.

The JSON API interface looks promising, though it isn't entirely clear
how best to interact with it from within a jinja template.
(I'd notably like to query all builds associated with a given revision,
so I can draw their status in a matrix.)

Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks !


(I'm currently using version 0.8, but could upgrade to 0.9 if that made
the above job easier.)


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