[users at bb.net] Start a job in buildbot via commend line

shyamchander guptha shyamchander01 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 13:27:05 UTC 2015

Hi EveryOne

I am new to Buildbot , I need to start a job / builder in buildbot via
commend line , this job has no source code nothing , it is a test case.
Can some one tell me the direct commend to start a job.
Am using BB version 0.8.8

[bb at ukpvmnvbuildmasterd01-sanbox ~]$ buildbot --version
Buildbot version: 0.8.8
Twisted version: 13.2.0
[bb at ukpvmnvbuildmasterd01-sanbox ~]$

Best Regards,
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