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Christoph Spielmann christoph.spielmann at
Thu Oct 15 10:33:36 UTC 2015

Hi everybody,

I have a question concerning nightly schedulers but first let me give
you some background-information:

We are developing native (c++) software under windows in both 64- and
32-bit variants. We used to have two builders, one for each
architecture. As it is officially discouraged to let both builders use
the same build-directory the original setup consisted of two
build-directories one for each architecture. As the code-base grew (new
dependencies, updated dependencies...), more and more problems showed up
mostly due to the fact that we constantly ran out of hd-space (our
buildslaves-hds are already about 100GB tall and we have 5 of them).

So i decided to change the configuration in such a way that we only have
one builder and we set the desired architecture via a build-property. So
far so good, everything works like a charm. If we start the build manually.

And now i let me explain my problem:

At night we build various branches (currently 3) with both
architectures. To make things easier to maintain i setup the nightly
builders like this:

for branch_name in filelists.keys():
    for arch in ["amd64", "x86"]:
        c['schedulers'].append(timed.Nightly(name="nightly_" +
branch_name + "_" +arch,
                    properties={"type": "nightly", "cleanBuild": "true",
"arch": arch}))

Using this code i end up having 6 different nightly schedulers (at least
that's what i would expect...). BUT a few days ago i remarked that there
were less than 6 different builds at night. When i checked the builds i
remarked the following reason for one of the nightly builds:

The Nightly scheduler named 'nightly_develop_x86' triggered this build,
The Nightly scheduler named 'nightly_develop_amd64' triggered this build

So for one branch one architecture is not built. I monitored the nightly
build for a couple of days and had to remark that almost every day one
or more builds are missing! The problem is it doesn't occur every night,
sometimes it works, sometimes one build is missing, sometimes more...
Does anybody have an idea what is going on here?



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