[devel at bb.net] GSoC 2020 PoC Project

Povilas Kanapickas povilas at radix.lt
Sat Apr 4 10:47:53 UTC 2020

Hi Samartha,

I opened an issue on Github and wrote about what can be improved.


On 4/4/20 7:26 AM, Samartha S M wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I'm Samartha S M, from India. I've submitted a proposal for GSoC 2020
> for a project of BuildBot (Add support for running worker on non-python
> platforms).
> As master is implemented in python and for this project, we are going to
> implement worker in Cpp, we need to maintain communication between
> master and worker. Hence this PoC project aims at establishing
> communication between Cpp and python programs.
> GitHub repository link: Cpp Python Communication
> <https://github.com/samarthamahesh/Cpp-Python-Communication.git>
> DISCLAIMER: This PoC project is not yet complete. As @Povilas Kanapickas
> <mailto:povilas at radix.lt> told me to post it earlier for more feedback
> from BuildBot, I've created a GitHub repository for this project and
> further developments for this PoC project will be done there.
> -- 
> Samartha S M
> International Institute of Information Technology
> Hyderabad, India

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