[devel at bb.net] Accessing step result in the factory

Aakash Jain aj355 at cornell.edu
Wed Jul 11 00:25:05 UTC 2018


Is it possible to access the result/status of a step inside the factory
which executed that step?

For e.g.: I want to add step-2 only if step-1 failed, then I want to write
some logic to analyze results of step-1 and step-2, and decide whether to
run step-3 or not, and so on.

I understand I can use doStepIf inside step-2 and step-3. But it would be
easier if I can have this information in factory, and the factory will use
addStep appropriately.

To give an example, I want to run some tests on a patch, but these tests
are flaky. So, I have a try builder which:
1) Apply the patch
2) Execute a step which run these flaky tests
3) If the tests have any failure, add another step to re-run the tests
4) Analyze the failures from both the run
5) If applicable run another step to un-apply the patch
6) Run the tests again
7) Analyze the results and decide whether the patch introduce new test

Adding doStepIf in each of the steps might not be the cleanest approach. If
the step results/status can be accessed in the factory, then the factory
can easily decide whether to do addStep() for next step or not. Also the
factory could easily analyze the results from multiple steps (multiple

So, is it is possible to access a step status and results in the factory
which executes that step. If not, is using 'doStepIf inside every step' the
recommended solution?

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