[devel at bb.net] Authentication method for Try Builds

Sergio Borghese s.borghese at netresults.it
Fri Jan 5 08:35:32 UTC 2018

Hi All, 

I was wondering if there is a way (a workaround really) to configure a try build scheduler using an external authentication class, similar to what you can do with the buildbot web view where you can configure an external authentication class that inherits from util.CustomAuth 
The current Try_UserPass method has the disadvantage or requesting to manage user's credentials in the buildbot configuration itself, that is a solution that does not scale very well. 
On the other side: is there a reason (technical I mean) why the same CustomAuth mechanics has not been implemented in the try scheduler? Could it be possible to extend the try scheduler to support such type of authentication? 

Just out of curiosity, here how I integrated the buildbot web view authentication with our Domain Server: 

95 import ldap 
96 class TestLdapAuth(util.CustomAuth): 
97 def check_credentials(self, user, password): 
98 conn = ldap.initialize('ldap://<my_domain_server_ip_address>') 
99 conn.protocol_version=3 
100 conn.set_option(ldap.OPT_REFERRALS, 0) 
101 try: 
102 conn.simple_bind_s(user, password) 
103 conn.unbind_s() 
104 return True 
105 except ldap.LDAPError: 
106 print 'ldap bind failed' 
107 return False 
109 # minimalistic config to activate new web UI 
110 c['www'] = dict(port=8088, 
111 plugins=dict(waterfall_view={}, console_view={}, grid_view={}), 
112 auth=TestLdapAuth()) 

now all the developers (that have their user/passwd recorded on the company domain server) can authenticate to the buildbot nine webpage without the need for a separate set of credentials. 

Best Regards 

Sergio Borghese 
Senior Software Engineer 
NetResults S.r.l. 
Via Agostino Bassi 5, 56121 Ospedaletto (Pi), Italy 
Tel.: +39.050.316.3658 
web: www.netresults.it 
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