[devel at bb.net] nine.buildbot.net have 0.8 worker?

Jim Rowan jmr at computing.com
Sat Sep 23 18:18:53 UTC 2017

> On Sep 23, 2017, at 1:07 PM, Craig Rodrigues <rodrigc at crodrigues.org> wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 10:58 AM, Pierre Tardy <tardyp at gmail.com <mailto:tardyp at gmail.com>> wrote:
> I am not even sure if it is feasible to support (python3 + tw17pb) -> python2 + tw 12 pb.
> I mean they are some fixes needed in twisted in order to make pb work across python version.
> So if it is needed to upgrade twisted, then why not also upgrade to buildbot-worker (and move the worker to py3)
> Because Python supports multiple platforms and it has been pointed out that getting
> Python 3 on some platforms is harder than others.

Pierre wasn’t clear — but if indeed we must upgrade twisted on this old slave, it is really substantially harder to use python3?   If we do have to upgrade twisted, the comparison should be on how hard it is to do that vs doing that *and* upgrade python.

On a platform where you have to live within the bounds of packages published by the (old) distro, it seems likely that both paths are likely going to be problematic.  And outside that situation, it’s pretty easy to upgrade either twisted or python or both.

In which contexts are we worried about the difficulty of getting python3?

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