[devel at bb.net] Want to write a book chapter on Buildbot?

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at buildbot.net
Tue Jun 20 16:46:09 UTC 2017

In the weekly Buildbot meeting today, we discussed plans for a book about
Twitsed Python, which would do well to have a chapter on Buildbot.
Buildbot uses lots of parts of Twisted, including many protocols, and is
probably the most widely-used Twisted app.  It's also been around for a
long time and has "grown up" with Twisted, so we could talk about some of
the history of the two projects as well.

The folks in the meeting were all interested and willing to help and
provide information, but too busy to commit to writing the chapter.  That's
where you could come in, if you're interested in Buildbot and getting your
words in print, and maybe learning a bit in the process.

Email Brian (copied on this message) if you're interested!

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