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Fri Oct 7 08:21:57 UTC 2016

Le jeu. 6 oct. 2016 à 22:10, Vasily <vassnlit at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Great work! This beast is finally there!
> Now what is going to be in 1.0? :-)

Well, waiting for that, I know will be in 0.9.1

- Much better support for LatentWorkers
   - ability to start several LatentWorkers in parrallel
   - better corner case handling to stop the workers when it is not used,
so that it does not cost
- scalabitlity performance improvements for those who build more than 10k
jobs a week
+ lots of small features and improvements coming from our contributors

Also very important on-going stuff:
- Lots of fixes for py3. I dont know if py3 support will be complete for
0.9.1, but Craig is doing great job to make that happen (50 patches already
- SSL+IPV6 support for Master to Worker protocol? We already have that
working in a branch, but there is still some work to make it clean...
gracinet and tomprince are working on that. I hope they will finish soon.
- Multimaster? There are already the crazy folks from Grammatech that are
running buildbot in multimaster mode, and we will be fixing the bug they

Since the 0.9.0 stabilization beta started 4 months ago there is already
200+ commits in 0.9.1, I don't want to delay it too much.
Probably this will be released before end of month

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