[devel at bb.net] Buildbot 0.9.0 rc1

Pierre Tardy tardyp at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 17:32:00 UTC 2016


I am very happy to announce the release of buildbot 0.9.0 rc1.

That's it! The release gating bug count has reached zero!

This month was pretty calm, with mostly small bug fixes, even though some
cool features managed to sneak in:

- new HipchatStatusPush to report build results to Hipchat.
- new steps for Visual Studio 2015 (VS2015, VC14, and MsBuild14).
- The P4 step now obfuscates the password in status logs.
- Added support for specifying the depth of a shallow clone in Git.
- OpenStackLatentWorker now uses a single novaclient instance to not
require re-authentication when starting or stopping instances.

As usual, you can find the release notes for complete list of what's new.

For this rc1, we started the work of concatenating all beta release notes
into a big document with all things that changed since 0.8.12. You can have
a look here:

The UI demo server is available here: http://nine.buildbot.net/.

Don't forget to use the latest version of pip
pip install -U pip

The packages are available on pypi, but as they are beta release, you have
to use the --pre option of pip.

pip install -U 'buildbot[bundle]==0.9.0rc1' --pre

At the same time, I have released the first version of buildbot_travis now
it is under the buildbot community umbrella.

pip install -U 'buildbot_travis' --pre

With a master.cfg as simple as:

from buildbot_travis import TravisConfigurator
c = BuildmasterConfig = {}
TravisConfigurator(BuildmasterConfig, basedir).fromDb()

You get a fully web UI-configured Travis like CI system.

Also new for this release is buildbot presence on docker-hub.

See the updated tutorial to learn how to run buildbot from docker hub:

Please continue the great move and adopt buildbot nine!
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