[Buildbot-devel] Is this a 'bug' from MailNotifier in the new Reporter system?

Francesco Di Mizio francescodimizio at gmail.com
Tue May 19 13:07:41 UTC 2015

Hello guys,

I've got latest code along with the new Reporter system.

In my custom code i am calling addBuildsetForSourceStamps passing in a
reason and  a sourcestamp containing a patch, a patch body and the author
of the patch.

I then set up a MailNotifier with sendToInterestedUsers=True. I am now
receiving those emails. The patch (or patches in case buildSummary = True
is used) get attached. The build links have been fixed. In general it looks
good besided the following  :

Build Reason: <unknown>


Before Blamelist used to be the author of the patch and reason the reason
passed in to addBuildsetForSourceStamps. Note that Blamelist being empty
causes the author of the patch not to get the email.

Should I file a bug or?


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