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chase i at chasezhang.me
Sun Mar 8 07:12:07 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

I’m a postgraduate student from Shanghai, China. I’d like to contribute to buildbot in the coming Google Summer of Code and very willing to be a longtime contributor too. I am quite familiar with python and Angular.js and have already had some experience in contributing to open source projects.

The main reason I’d like to contributing to buildbot is that I will be a heavy user of buildbot myself this year. I think the web interface provided is a little too simple and I have the abilities to make it better. So I am more interested in projects about the front end such as #3128 and #3147.

I have already exchanged a few emails with Dustin, one of the main maintainers and got some useful suggestions. As a warming up, I opened a very simple pull request and if it has passed the code review, please merge it :)

I have to give my thanks to Andras Toth who participated as a contributor of buildbot in last year’s GSoC too. He answered my help request and provided many advices and reminded me to send this email as a self-introduction.

I am ready to pick up some issues from the simple issues list to get myself familiar with the code and #3175 seems to be a good one as the first. I will send my questions about this issue later.

For more information about me, you may refer to my GitHub and have a look at MyIcons which is my latest open source project with Django and Angular.js.

Looking forward to cooperate with you all to make buildbot better!
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