[Buildbot-devel] Weekly Meeting notes June 16, 2015

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at buildbot.net
Tue Jun 16 17:06:50 UTC 2015

#buildbot: weekly

Meeting started by djmitche at 16:03:13 UTC.  The full text is attached.

Meeting summary

* LINK: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/buildbot-agenda  (djmitche,
* trademark application  (djmitche, 16:03:32)
  * LINK:

    (verm__, 16:05:22)
  * ACTION: dustin re-contact Tony about trademark protection
    (djmitche, 16:07:51)

* status of nine development  (djmitche, 16:08:49)
  * ACTION: tardyp to close almost all 0.9.0b1 bugs  (djmitche,
  * ACTION: dustin to create bugs for upgrading gitlab, github
    integrations  (djmitche, 16:16:52)
  * AGREED: will ship 0.9.0b1 without additional reporters  (djmitche,
  * AGREED: will ship 0.9.0 without github/gitlab reporters if they
    aren't ready in time  (djmitche, 16:18:40)
  * AGREED: pierre will tag 0.9.0b1 by this weekend  (djmitche,
  * AGREED: sa2ajj and/or dustin will release once it's tagged
    (djmitche, 16:22:15)

* GSoC projects  (djmitche, 16:23:00)
  * Migrate Buildbot’s Web UI to Angular Material -- going great, lots
    of patches merged  (djmitche, 16:26:06)
  * Optimize communication between the backend and the frontend --
    starting rewrite; won't have code too soon as it's a hard problem
    (djmitche, 16:27:29)
  * LINK: https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/1703  (djmitche,

* funds transfer from NTP to SFC  (djmitche, 16:31:23)
  * AGREED: punt on actually purchasing a mac mini until we have the
    resources to deploy it  (djmitche, 16:36:44)
  * ACTION: verm__ to order and set up a mac mini server in OSUOSL
    (djmitche, 16:39:50)
  * ACTION: skelly to take that mac from network configuration to
    running buildbot slave in a VM  (djmitche, 16:40:19)
  * AGREED: mac stuff is deferred for a month at least, so we will
    continue with the funds transfer  (djmitche, 16:41:19)

* buildbot infra improvements  (djmitche, 16:42:07)
  * LINK: https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot-infra  (djmitche,
  * LINK: http://metrics.ceph.com/  (verm__, 16:52:13)
  * LINK: http://metrics.ceph.com/mls.html  (verm__, 16:52:59)
  * LINK: http://metrics.ceph.com/irc.html  (verm__, 16:53:06)
  * LINK: http://metrics.ceph.com/scm.html  (verm__, 16:53:26)
  * LINK: http://metrics.ceph.com/scm.html?release=v0.8  (verm__,
  * ACTION: amar to file bug about setting up MetricsGrimoire
    (djmitche, 16:55:40)

* meetbot  (djmitche, 16:51:53)
  * LINK: https://meetings.buildbot.net/foo/bar/whatever  (djmitche,

Meeting ended at 16:58:36 UTC.

Action items, by person

* skelly
  * skelly to take that mac from network configuration to running
    buildbot slave in a VM
* tardyp
  * tardyp to close almost all 0.9.0b1 bugs
* verm__
  * verm__ to order and set up a mac mini server in OSUOSL
  * amar to file bug about setting up MetricsGrimoire
* dustin
  * dustin re-contact Tony about trademark protection
  * dustin to create bugs for upgrading gitlab, github integrations

People present (lines said)

* djmitche (153)
* verm__ (70)
* tardyp (58)
* bdbaddog1 (8)
* skelly (7)
* bb-supy (3)
* bb-trac (3)
* tflink (2)
* sa2ajj (2)
* Brando753 (1)

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16:03:13 <djmitche> #startmeeting weekly
16:03:13 <bb-supy> Meeting started Tue Jun 16 16:03:13 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is djmitche. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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16:03:16 <djmitche> yup apparently :)
16:03:20 <djmitche> I killed cron so we should be OK
16:03:26 <djmitche> #link https://etherpad.mozilla.org/buildbot-agenda
16:03:28 <verm__> ok
16:03:32 <djmitche> #topic trademark application
16:03:38 <djmitche> SFC has recommended that we apply for US trademark protection for the name "Buildbot"
16:04:02 <djmitche> the idea is that it protects us from various kinds of brand-takeover
16:04:16 <verm__> right, which is becoming more common, unfortunately
16:04:19 <djmitche> yeah
16:04:30 <djmitche> I asked Tony for some additional information, including cost
16:04:31 <verm__> it also lets us stop others from using the name in a way we don't like
16:04:34 <bdbaddog1> Anyone know where Debian stands on such?
16:04:48 <verm__> well considering debian is trademarked i think they'll be ok with it
16:05:13 <djmitche> bdbaddog1: I think you're referring to the issue with Firefox / Iceweasel
16:05:22 <verm__> #link http://www.uspto.gov/learning-and-resources/fees-and-payment/uspto-fee-schedule
16:05:36 <djmitche> in that case, the issue was that Mozilla refused to allow Debian to build their own Firefox and call it Firefox
16:05:50 <djmitche> basically Mozilla only blesses the "official" images (or configuration, not sure)
16:06:01 <djmitche> and uses trademark to prevent unofficial things from confusing users
16:06:10 <bdbaddog1> djmitche: they recently pushed back on SCons due to -nc- license on our logo..
16:06:11 <tflink> configuration, I think. we rebuild firefox for fedora and AFAIK, they're fine with it
16:06:19 <verm__> right, and that's also useful for us if anyone decides to make a commercial version of buildbot and call it "buildbot commercial" or something silly
16:06:32 <djmitche> right
16:06:52 <djmitche> so my point was that Debian might have a problem with how we protect our trademark, but won't have a problem with teh trademark itself
16:07:00 <verm__> it's cheap, a lot of effort has gone into the project we should protect the efforts of our contributors
16:07:06 <djmitche> yep
16:07:16 <djmitche> so I'll request info from Tony again -- he must have forgotten
16:07:18 <verm__> right, we can have a policy page on the wiki perhaps?
16:07:23 <bdbaddog1> gotcha. I"m all for protecting the trademark.
16:07:30 <djmitche> and it will go to a botherders vote
16:07:33 <verm__> eg "if you want to use our trademark please contact us.. etc"
16:07:51 <djmitche> #action dustin re-contact Tony about trademark protection
16:08:02 <djmitche> verm__: yeah, hopefully SFC can provide a good template for that
16:08:08 <verm__> good idea
16:08:11 <djmitche> other comments or shoudl we move on?
16:08:15 <verm__> move on
16:08:23 <tardyp> +1 from me
16:08:30 <djmitche> sa2ajj: tardyp: you guys around to talk about nine?
16:08:36 <djmitche> in the interim..
16:08:37 <tardyp> yep
16:08:40 <djmitche> ok
16:08:49 <djmitche> #topic status of nine development
16:08:49 <tardyp> #topic nine
16:08:51 <djmitche> haha
16:09:14 <tardyp> So nine has some good progress now
16:09:15 <verm__> i'd rather have dustins as the title
16:09:27 <verm__> easiers for users to understand the topic
16:09:39 <tardyp> We have merge some important patches recently
16:09:40 <sa2ajj> yep
16:09:45 <verm__> i saw, awesome
16:09:48 <tardyp> - mailreporter is now working
16:09:58 <djmitche> verm__: I think it only pays attention to me
16:10:04 <tardyp> - patch on the logcompression is very important for scalability
16:10:05 <djmitche> tardyp++
16:10:08 <verm__> ah, did my link get added?
16:10:28 <djmitche> not sure -- we'll find out when the meeting ends
16:10:30 <tardyp> and then we got a few ui improvement patches
16:10:31 <verm__> ok
16:10:34 <djmitche> it's in teh log either way
16:10:38 <tardyp> stop build, cancel builds, etc
16:10:44 <djmitche> yeah, those actions are great too
16:10:50 <verm__> saw that too, awesome
16:11:14 <tardyp> We (intel) have started some scalibility tests internally, and are going to release a document on that
16:11:24 <tardyp> everything has gone very well so far
16:11:29 <djmitche> I'm glad to hear no showstoppers on scalability
16:11:33 <djmitche> that always felt like a gamble to me
16:11:35 <tardyp> we can make tons of builds without so much issues
16:11:40 <verm__> same that's great
16:11:41 <djmitche> yay!
16:11:48 <verm__> what about having 10+ on the web UI?
16:11:53 <djmitche> so http://trac.buildbot.net/query?status=new&group=status&milestone=0.9.0b1 lists six more bugs for 0.9.0b1
16:12:43 <djmitche> verm__: I think that's similar to #3225 -- so yes, some web load testing would be good
16:12:49 <tardyp> I just checked them
16:12:59 <tardyp> they all need to be close except the gerrit status
16:13:00 <djmitche> I suppose #3184 (mailnotifier) is done?
16:13:03 <djmitche> awesome
16:13:18 <djmitche> #action tardyp to close almost all 0.9.0b1 bugs
16:13:29 <djmitche> are there other blockers that need to be in that list, or are we one bug from 0.9.0b1?
16:13:55 <tardyp> We need to decide whether we make a release with only the mailreporter
16:14:14 <tardyp> and delay gerrit + github + gitlab to 0.9.1
16:14:29 <tardyp> or even we could push it for beta2
16:14:48 <djmitche> I suspect there will be a beta2 for other reasons
16:14:50 <verm__> do we want to call it an alpha or preview?
16:14:53 <tardyp> I think if we make a beta that may make some traction for github/gitlab users to port their reporters
16:14:59 <djmitche> yes
16:15:06 <djmitche> I'm definitely in favor of shipping b1 without those integrations
16:15:15 <verm__> i think releasing with missing features is ok but i don't know if the we want to call it a 'beta'
16:15:19 <djmitche> whether to require them before the real release, I don't know
16:15:32 <verm__> oh, you'd release it w/out those?
16:15:39 <djmitche> I think so
16:15:52 <tardyp> for gerrit, I will do it because I need it
16:15:54 <verm__> i guess that's ok, it's not like we're forcing anyone to upgrade
16:15:58 <djmitche> right
16:16:00 <tardyp> but I can't call for github/gitlab
16:16:05 <verm__> i don't think we should release without github, though
16:16:14 <bdbaddog1> Is there a bug for github/gitlab outstanding issues?
16:16:32 <tardyp> its part of http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/2648
16:16:39 <tardyp> but there is no specific bug
16:16:52 <djmitche> #action dustin to create bugs for upgrading gitlab, github integrations
16:16:54 <tardyp> writting a reporter is not very difficult
16:17:09 <djmitche> the hooks work fine -- this is just reporters, right?
16:17:16 <tardyp> worth 1-2 day of work
16:17:23 <tardyp> yes just reporters
16:17:26 <djmitche> ok
16:17:40 <djmitche> given that, I'm definitely in favor of shipping 0.9.0 without if everything else is ready
16:17:56 <verm__> oh yes me too then
16:17:57 <tardyp> fine
16:18:25 <djmitche> #agreed will ship 0.9.0b1 without additional reporters
16:18:40 <djmitche> #agreed will ship 0.9.0 without github/gitlab reporters if they aren't ready in time
16:19:03 <djmitche> so that means that 0.9.0b1 can come *very* soon
16:19:13 <tardyp> so do we agree on a cutoff date?
16:19:41 <djmitche> for gitlab/github?  I'd say if/when those become the only blockers, we move them out to 0.9.1
16:19:55 <tardyp> no for b1
16:19:57 <verm__> you should probably be the one to decide the cutoff for 9.0b1
16:20:39 <djmitche> let's decide next week
16:20:39 <tardyp> ok, what about this week end?
16:20:46 <djmitche> that works
16:20:50 <verm__> sounds good
16:21:04 <djmitche> who is doing the release?
16:21:09 <tardyp> I can create the tags, but I dont think I can upload the release
16:21:35 <tardyp> sa2ajj: could you do it?
16:21:35 <djmitche> I can take care of everything after tagging
16:21:45 <tardyp> ok or djmitche
16:21:46 <djmitche> or sa2ajj :)
16:21:52 <tardyp> :)
16:21:55 <sa2ajj> i think i can
16:22:06 <djmitche> #agreed pierre will tag 0.9.0b1 by this weekend
16:22:15 <djmitche> #agreed sa2ajj and/or dustin will release once it's tagged
16:22:37 <tardyp> other questions on nine?
16:22:44 <djmitche> no, this is great nes :)
16:22:46 <djmitche> *news
16:23:00 <djmitche> #topic GSoC projects
16:23:58 <djmitche> varun: are you around? if not, sa2ajj.. how's things?
16:24:18 <tardyp> who starts
16:24:20 <tardyp> I can
16:24:31 <djmitche> ok, sounds good
16:24:36 <tardyp> the 2 buildbot UI projects are going great
16:24:54 <tardyp> chasezhang has be merging a lot of patches already
16:25:08 <djmitche> that's the material-design rewrite
16:25:22 <djmitche> and it's in master, but not planned for release, right?
16:25:54 <tardyp> yes.
16:25:57 <djmitche> ok!
16:26:01 <tardyp> it may be in the source tarball
16:26:06 <djmitche> #info Migrate Buildbot���s Web UI to Angular Material -- going great, lots of patches merged
16:26:09 <djmitche> eh, it won't hurt
16:26:19 <tardyp> but the boostrap ui will swill be default
16:26:27 <djmitche> ok
16:26:29 <djmitche> and Andras's optimizing communication?
16:26:30 <tardyp> the demo is here: http://buildbot.apps.io-meter.com/#/
16:26:51 <tardyp> and andras has starting his rewrite on the communication
16:27:10 <tardyp> its a hard problem so I dont expect results as quick as for the UI
16:27:26 <tardyp> the API is going good so far, and looks much cleaner
16:27:29 <djmitche> #info Optimize communication between the backend and the frontend -- starting rewrite; won't have code too soon as it's a hard problem
16:27:35 <djmitche> great
16:27:45 <tardyp> its not only optimizing, its also rework the api
16:27:59 <djmitche> right, I'm glad to hear that
16:28:02 <tardyp> a PR is ongoing though
16:28:09 <tardyp> so the code is here for everybody to see
16:28:27 <tardyp> also there is a good collab between the 2 coffeescript students
16:28:33 <djmitche> #link https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/1703
16:28:47 <tardyp> they review each other and share knowledge
16:28:54 <djmitche> oh, that's *great*
16:28:57 <djmitche> gold stars for everyone :)
16:28:58 <bb-trac> [trac] #2590/project-idea (new) updated by tflink (Out of curiosity, is the current plan to release nine with SQLAlchemy-Migrate? From ...) http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/2590
16:29:32 <tflink> sorry, didn't realize that trac ticket updates showed up in channel like that
16:29:39 <djmitche> no worries
16:29:47 <djmitche> I don't think anyone from Prasoon's project is around
16:29:53 <bb-trac> [trac] #2590/project-idea (new) updated by dustin (Alembic is desired, but yes, we'll stick to what we have, which is SA-M) http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/2590
16:30:19 <djmitche> Nor Lurimax's
16:30:19 <tardyp> Gaetan had to leave, he wasn't aware of the meeting, as he is not in the mailing list.
16:30:25 <djmitche> oh
16:30:30 <djmitche> no harm - it's not required
16:30:41 <djmitche> sa2ajj: anything to report for varun's project?
16:31:15 <djmitche> we can loop back if so
16:31:23 <djmitche> #topic funds transfer from NTP to SFC
16:31:43 <djmitche> harlan got in touch recently to remind me that there's about $1800 in the NTP Foundation's account earmarked for Buildbot
16:31:52 <djmitche> NTPF took the original google donation since we were not part of SFC yet
16:32:23 <verm__> the plan was to get a mac mini for testing, we should still do that
16:32:26 <djmitche> so I'm working with SFC and NTPF to transfer those funds (less the 10% SFC fee) to our SFC account
16:32:34 <djmitche> yes
16:32:49 <djmitche> although I think we should finish up some of the other infra work before making more for ourselves :)
16:32:50 <verm__> for those who don't know: you can only virtualise OS X on official mac hardware
16:33:21 <djmitche> all in all, just an FYI that there are additional funds coming
16:33:41 <djmitche> somewhat related: the "donate" button on teh website has seen some use, including by folks in-channel
16:33:49 <bdbaddog1> nice.
16:34:01 <tardyp> do we still plan to buy a mac mini for the metabuildbot?
16:34:05 <djmitche> we don't currently get notified of such donations, so I haven't been able to send out timely thank-yous
16:34:10 <tardyp> and host it in SFC
16:34:18 <djmitche> tardyp: that was what this $1800 was intended for
16:34:24 <djmitche> it would be hosted at OSUOSL, but yes
16:34:35 <djmitche> s/was/is/
16:34:55 <tardyp> ok, somebody has an action on buying it?
16:35:10 <djmitche> not at the moment
16:35:33 <djmitche> if someone will take both buying it and setting it up (including configuration with ansible), we can do that
16:35:49 <skelly> I wouldn't mind if we waited until the next refresh if it wasn't too far away
16:36:03 <djmitche> I just don't want to start the AppleCare timer ticking if it's going to sit idle on a rack
16:36:10 <djmitche> that too
16:36:28 <bdbaddog1> sure.  I'd say punt until resources are available.
16:36:39 <verm__> i can handle buying it i already had that setup
16:36:44 <djmitche> #agreed punt on actually purchasing a mac mini until we have the resources to deploy it
16:36:44 <verm__> and delivery to the OSL (for free)
16:37:16 <djmitche> ..and setup?
16:37:41 <verm__> in ansible? hmm i can set it up and get it running
16:37:48 <verm__> if someone wants to handle getting it under ansible
16:37:53 <verm__> i'll send an email to the list explaining what i did
16:38:09 <djmitche> we should set it up with ansible from the start, rather than back-configuring it
16:38:15 <skelly> agreed
16:38:23 <verm__> they come pre-setup
16:38:37 <djmitche> well, they come with teh OS installed :)
16:38:42 <verm__> i'd go in and configure the network that would be it essentially
16:39:08 <verm__> i'll probably get one for rtems.org at the same time so configuring two isn't much more work than one.. in any case i can't commit to doing it with ansible from the start, sorry
16:39:09 <bdbaddog1> so you're talking about putting osx server and then virutalized mac's on it which would then run as BB slaevs right?
16:39:10 <djmitche> skelly: could you take it from there and get a buildslave instance running in a VM on it?
16:39:23 <skelly> djmitche: yeah
16:39:29 <djmitche> bdbaddog1: yes, exactly
16:39:31 <djmitche> great!
16:39:42 <verm__> bdbaddog1: yep
16:39:50 <djmitche> #action verm__ to order and set up a mac mini server in OSUOSL
16:40:07 <tardyp> can the mac be controlled remotely from a raw installs?
16:40:19 <djmitche> #action skelly to take that mac from network configuration to running buildbot slave in a VM
16:40:24 <verm__> i'll let you know when i'm ready to order it.. won't be for a while yet -- not within the month for sure
16:40:31 <djmitche> tardyp: yep, both via SSH and VNC
16:40:36 <verm__> yeah ssh + vnc
16:40:44 <tardyp> cool
16:40:47 <skelly> verm__: that's fine, I'm not a huge fan of the latest refresh but I don't know if another is coming this year or not
16:40:49 <djmitche> verm__: ok, so we'll go forward with teh funds transfer
16:40:50 <verm__> the main machine will just be stock OS X + VirtualBox
16:41:19 <djmitche> #agreed mac stuff is deferred for a month at least, so we will continue with the funds transfer
16:41:22 <verm__> with the 'latest' osx being unvirtualised as a user and the last two running in virtualbox, i was going to put two ssds in it
16:41:26 <verm__> ok
16:42:07 <djmitche> #topic buildbot infra improvements
16:42:13 <djmitche> #link https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot-infra
16:42:29 <djmitche> we have three FreeBSD servers running with a bunch of jails on them
16:42:40 <djmitche> *most* but not all are completely configured with Ansible
16:42:55 <djmitche> meaning that merging a commit to that repo will update the configuration, and that the contents of that repo accurately reflect the current configuration
16:43:51 <djmitche> hand-configured: jail, mx, mysql, trac
16:44:20 <verm__> trac itself won't be able to function under ansible, i've tried
16:44:34 <djmitche> sure it will
16:44:50 <verm__> right now it's all dine via git repositories, with specific versions in each to avoid bugs / security issues
16:44:59 <skelly> that can be done
16:45:00 <djmitche> yeah, Ansible can do that
16:45:22 <verm__> ok then, that means i won't have eto worry about it anymore?
16:45:24 <djmitche> if you can do it without visiting OSUOSL, Ansible can do it :)
16:45:29 <djmitche> once it's under Ansible, yeah
16:45:34 <verm__> ok great
16:45:40 <tardyp> # action tardyp to learn ansible
16:46:22 <tardyp> I've seen you PRs, and my big answer is how you test it locally?
16:46:37 <djmitche> we don't have a good story for local testing right now
16:46:48 <verm__> for whoever does it: trac is extremely finicky when updating modules, if you update it, run it (without testing first) downgrading can be *very* difficult
16:47:04 <djmitche> you can set up a local FreeBSD jail and test in that, by hard-coding the hostname
16:47:06 <skelly> verm__: do you have documentation about this?
16:47:23 <skelly> or any scripts
16:47:33 <djmitche> or, when building a new jail, you can just run it directly on what will become the production jail
16:47:38 <djmitche> which is what I did for supybot
16:47:51 <djmitche> open sysadmin bugs are http://trac.buildbot.net/wiki/SystemAdministration
16:48:25 <verm__> no documentation, i've been running / developing on trac for a long time for open source / professionally i've run into every bug imaginable on it
16:48:26 <bb-trac> [trac] #3218/defect (closed) updated by dustin (Not anymore) http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3218
16:48:48 <djmitche> so there's lots to do
16:49:03 <bdbaddog1> :)
16:49:06 <verm__> the biggest issue with doing it under ansible is you end up spending more time on ansible than you do having the config(s) in git
16:49:21 <verm__> with no easy way to downgrade
16:49:36 <djmitche> true, but with ansible the configs are visible to others and can be modified there
16:49:47 <verm__> i'm not against it, especially since i won't have to worry about it anymore.. just saying to be careful
16:49:49 <djmitche> we could make a staging trac
16:50:02 <djmitche> with Ansible, that'd be really easy -- configure staging and prod with the same configs
16:50:07 <Brando753> So I see that buildbot has support for multiple projects with the project parameter in the change source and the project paramater in the change_filter of the schedular, how can I set buildbot to have seperate mailnotifiers, so that I may maintain seperate mail lists for the different projects?
16:50:14 <djmitche> when upgrading just disable Ansible runs in prod until you've tested iut in staging
16:51:31 <verm__> i understand that's similar to how i do it when upgrading services
16:51:33 <djmitche> so that's where we're at with infra.. to my knowledge, aside from supybot there's not much in progress at the moment
16:51:47 <djmitche> I'll be working on supybot over the next few days
16:51:53 <djmitche> #topic meetbot
16:51:59 <verm__> i wanted to mention another service that would be nice maybe i should leave it for the next meeting
16:52:07 <djmitche> verm__: oh, sure, what's that?
16:52:13 <verm__> http://metrics.ceph.com/
16:52:24 <verm__> an instance of this
16:52:37 <djmitche> for what sort of metrics?
16:52:42 <verm__> i've set it up several times it's really nice
16:52:45 <verm__> for everything check it out
16:52:59 <verm__> http://metrics.ceph.com/mls.html
16:53:03 <djmitche> well, there's a lot of atoms in the universe
16:53:06 <verm__> http://metrics.ceph.com/irc.html
16:53:10 <djmitche> could you maybe limit it a little?
16:53:20 <verm__> it even tracks by product version, too
16:53:26 <verm__> http://metrics.ceph.com/scm.html
16:53:31 <verm__> http://metrics.ceph.com/scm.html?release=v0.8
16:53:48 <djmitche> ok, so for project statistics
16:53:55 <verm__> did you visit the page?
16:54:10 <verm__> yes it's for projects stats / heartbeat
16:54:30 <verm__> it will even break down by user: http://metrics.ceph.com/people.html?id=00f7e05bb82e2d9af254f0234a6f277612b6306f
16:54:46 <djmitche> that'd be cool -- similar to the highscore project ewong was working on
16:54:54 <djmitche> can you file a bug so we don't forget about this?
16:54:57 <verm__> you can add whatever metrics you want, we can have metabuildbot in there, too
16:55:19 <verm__> and have it track the activity per platform / python version
16:55:19 <verm__> sure
16:55:40 <djmitche> #action amar to file bug about setting up MetricsGrimoire
16:55:57 <djmitche> ok, last bit of the meeting
16:56:10 <djmitche> I'll set up meetbot to publish meetings via the web sometime this week
16:56:19 <verm__> nice
16:56:21 <djmitche> https://meetings.buildbot.net/foo/bar/whatever
16:56:27 <djmitche> I just didn't get to it last week while I was travelling
16:56:37 <djmitche> are there other requests for supybot/meetbot that I should add to my list?
16:56:46 <djmitche> sa2ajj: ^^?
16:58:33 <djmitche> guess not -- add anything you find to http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3139 or in a new bug for big things
16:58:36 <djmitche> #endmeeting

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