[Buildbot-devel] How to configure MailNotifier to use git email addresses?

Vadim Zeitlin vz-buildbot at zeitlins.org
Fri Jun 12 14:16:04 UTC 2015


 I'm using Buildbot 0.8.9-2 Debian package with a rather straightforward
configuration: it gets changes from GitHub via a change hook and then kicks
off a few builds under a couple of platforms (the installation is public
and can be seen at http://buildbot.tt-solutions.com/wx/). This works
without any problems, but the emails are not sent to the developers who
check in the changes, in spite of using buildbot.status.mail.MailNotifier.
It does send emails to the "extraRecipients", so the problem seems to be
that it doesn't find the email addresses of the developers making the
commits. I'd expect it to get this information from "git" field of the user
objects, but apparently it doesn't happen automatically.

 So the question is: what do I need to do to tell buildbot to extract email
from "git" field? Do I have to define my own lookup object or is there some
simple[r] way to do it? And would anyone have an example showing how solve
this problem? I'd expect this to be a very common case, so perhaps I am
just missing some obvious way to make it work?

 Thanks in advance for any hints/pointers/examples!
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