[Buildbot-devel] Is it possible to update the sourcestamp?

Francesco Di Mizio francescodimizio at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 23:37:07 UTC 2015

The source stamp is being set by a force scheduler (S) which is exposing
branch and revision.
The builder (let's call this K as Kicker) associated with  S kicks off an
other scheduler with a trigger step (say T).

When I type in a number for the revision in S, the revision gets propagated
ok all the way down to the triggered scheduler.

When I leave it blank, the revision is empty therefore it'll be empty for
any kicked off build. I can not pass through got_revision because builder K
does not even have a source step, therefore got_revision never gets set.

So my idea was: well I can just add an other step at the very top of
builder K that figures out latest revision and then passes it along to any
kicked build. That works in the sense that in the K's UI i can see it being
set but does not get propagated even though I am telling it to in the
trigger step T.

I guess the reason is that what I am doing does not actually change the
sourcestamp, just a property whose name happens to go by the same name.

Is it possible to extend say ShellCommand and retrieve and change the
SStamp in there?
Any suggestions?

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