[Buildbot-devel] Looking for Buildbot Experts to Join Unity's Build & Infrastructure Team

Na'Tosha Bard natosha at unity3d.com
Wed Jul 15 15:41:33 UTC 2015


We here at Unity are expanding our Build & Infrastructure Team and we're
looking for Buildbot developers to come join our team.  Stuff that you
would be doing on the team:

   - Improving / maintaining our custom CI solution
   <https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/katana>, which is a fork of
   - Analyzing our CI pipeline an figuring out where bottlenecks are and
   how to improve them (with changes to Buildbot, changes to the build
   process, etc)
   - Work on gathering statistics from Buildbot about builds, how long they
   take, their stability, etc

In addition to our work on Katana (our Buildbot fork), we have other
projects that you would have a chance to work on, depending on your
background, interest, and what our current needs are:

   - All of our Mercurial-related infrastructure
   - Developing / maintaining our internal instance of Kallithea
   - Analyzing / studying the development process at Unity and figuring out
   how developer productivity can be improved with better tools, process, or
   - Custom tools for managing our distributed build cloud and the zoo of
   devices we run tests on
   - Publishing tools for releases
   - Low-level buildsystem (we're currently migrating our legacy
   buildsystem to Gradle)

We're ideally looking for people who will relocate to our office in
Copenhagen, but we would willing to consider anyone who would work out of
one of our offices (and travel to Copenhagen for a week or so at a time
every few months).  You can see where Unity has offices located here:

If you think you would be a good fit for this position, please let me know
(just reply to me privately).

*Na'Tosha Bard*
Lead Software Developer / Build & Infrastructure Team Lead | Unity
Technologies - Copenhagen

*E-Mail:* natosha at unity3d.com
*Skype:* natosha.bard
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