[Buildbot-devel] compare_attrs in 0.8.12

Edmund Wong ewongbb at pw-wspx.org
Wed Jul 15 03:52:59 UTC 2015


Is compare_attrs supposed to be a list or a tuple?  Right now,
there are instances where it's a tuple, and there are instances
where it's a list.

Now things would be ok if there's no way to mix them; but,
I've encountered an issue with a project that I'm involved in
that has a generic function that creates schedulers based
on properties of the base_class.

This generic function is run on different scheduler classes,
whose base class use different types of compare_attrs.  Of
course, I can avoid that by checking what type the
base_class's compare_attrs is and then concatenate accordingly.

But wouldn't it be more consistent to use one single type?
Or did I miss the point of compare_attrs? (and that's possibly
the case here)


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