[Buildbot-devel] custom scheduler for parallelism

Mikhail Sobolev mss at mawhrin.net
Sat Jul 11 13:47:56 UTC 2015

Hi Greg,

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 08:43:02PM +0000, Greg MacDonald wrote:
>    I have a few jobs that are good parallelism candidates in that several
>    console commands can be split up between machines. I've got some basic
>    parallelism with the triggerable scheduler and multiple builders, but I
>    have to make a builder for each machine, which means I have to divvy up
>    the commands in advance. I would much prefer a more general solution where
>    I dynamically start a multiple instances of a single builder with each
>    instance having a different command to run. This way the nodes are kept
>    general and the load can be spread around the cluster dynamically. Is
>    there a way to do this that I'm not aware of? It doesn't seem like things
>    are setup this way so I was thinking of extending the triggerable
>    scheduler to do this, using the build properties to pass the command to
>    run. Does this sound like a reasonable course of action? Thx.
I wonder if you could share the snippet of your current configuration related
to your question?


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