[Buildbot-devel] Question on SourceStamp

sergio borghese sergio.borghese at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 19:08:37 UTC 2015

Hi Everyone,

I got a question related to the correct "source stamp" usage in buildbot.
Suppose I have a project that is built from a lib and a core. The lib and
the core are stored into two different svn repositories.
The build factory for the project does the checkout of the lib (head),
builds it, then checks out the core (head) and build it (linking the lib)
All in the same build factory.
Assume build #123 is broken because of a bad checkin the core source repo.
build #122 was fine.
>From the builded page I select the specific build #122, select the "build
same sourcestamp" and click on "Rebuild"
What I was expecting:
- the buildslave will checkout the revisons for the lib and the core, used
when he run the built #122, lets say rev 100 for the lib and revision 1456
for the core.
What really happens:
- the buildslave checkout is performed on the head of the repo for both
components. (causing the build to fail)

I'd like to understand if my understanding of how the soucestamp works is
Am I doing something wrong in the configuration? There is someting I have
to do specifically to have the slave behave as I was expecting? (if it i
possible at all)
- I'm running buildbot 0.8.9 and the code is on svn

Many Thanks

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