[Buildbot-devel] two questions about buildbot ( 1: cancel on web UI, 2:specify revision for one of two svn repos)

Edmund Wong ewongbb at pw-wspx.org
Fri Jan 30 05:38:54 UTC 2015

154193912 at qq.com wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I just start using buildbot recently, have read the docs roughly, still can't find my solution.
> 1. Within the web ui page, I can't find a link or something to cancel a running builder.
> Am I looking for the wrong direction?

You need to be logged on to do that; assuming that you've set up the
proper authorization in your master.cfg file.

> 2, I got a forcebuilder with two svn repos, one would be normal project files, and the other
> contains some util scripts, there isn't anything I can do to merge the two repos togather,
> which should of cause solve my later problem.
> I wan't to specify a target revision number on project svn( for example v135),
> but the v135 got propgrated to the util repos, which has only
> a maximume revision value of 10, then, the util repos fails to checkout ...

then you have to split up the buildsteps such that it saves the
revisions to different properties and then use those properties
to tell the forcebuilder which revisions to use for the repos.


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