[Buildbot-devel] "TypeError: 'NoneType' object is unsubscriptable" when viewing slaves

Jason Edgecombe jason at rampaginggeek.com
Mon Jan 19 23:05:02 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

When viewing build slaves, I'm getting a TypeError.

The example URL is:

Here is the error text:
*web.Server Traceback (most recent call last):*
exceptions.TypeError: 'NoneType' object is unsubscriptable
in maybeDeferred
138 |   try:|
139 |       result = f(*args, **kw)|
140 |   except:|
in <lambda>
390 |           if allowed or path_always_viewable(request):|
391 |               return defer.maybeDeferred(lambda: 
self.content(request, ctx))|
392 |           else:|
in content
116 |       try:|
117 |           max_builds = int(request.args.get('numbuilds')[0])|
118 |       except ValueError:|
exceptions.TypeError: 'NoneType' object is unsubscriptable

I'm getting this error in my test environment and production. My 
production config, without the centos6 buildslave, is at:

I appreciate any help that you can provide. 'buildbot checkconfig ..' 
says that my config file is good.


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