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Ladyofthe Maple dmaple2012 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 21 03:55:47 UTC 2015

I use buildbot to build software, keep all of my slave systems tools in sync, reconfigure my buildbot masters... buildbot is a very flexible automation tool.  When coupled with storing your configuration in a source control system it is quite nice because you can audit the who changed what.All of what I have written is custom.I use YAML to describe "builds" and then a master just loads the config via "buildbot restart --clean", after a "buildbot checkconfig" :-)So, in your case you could describe the hosts in a repository of configurations fileHave a master that watches the repository and acts accordingly.Regarding public vs private ... This sort of thing should probably live on it's own buildbot master port, dir, config.I don't use windows... OSX and Linux systems yes.  buildbot has no problems that I didn't code wrongly into the configuration files.
Good luck. 

     On Friday, February 20, 2015 4:37 PM, Jeremy Cornett <jeremy.cornett at venafi.com> wrote:

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