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I use buildbot v0.8.9 from ubuntu official package repos.
It saves me a lot of time,
last time I tried to install buildbot v0.8.10 from pip failed.

PS: we don't use svn poller, because triggering releases from svn code
in my small company, it could be dangerous. All things now just 
involve a module admin to manual click "Force build" some module in web page.
That's the picture.

Now I am trying to accomplish from these steps.

-  "compile Builder" == upload==> master
-  some module admin click "Force build"
  - forceScheduler starts one and only one builder,
    it triggers a sub triggerable scheduler, and waits for it to finish.
    - sub scheduler starts.
      it has been bundled with a lot of builders which all have one build-slave configed

Thanks to Vitali Lovich who provided the solution!
It worked.

Biggest difference here, only one sub-scheduler is trigged, not a list of schedulers.

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From: Pierre Tardy
Date: 2015-02-04 18:30
To: 154193912 at qq.com; buildbot-devel
Subject: Re: [Buildbot-devel] run a build on multiple host

Le Wed Feb 04 2015 at 9:36:15 AM, 154193912 at qq.com <154193912 at qq.com> a écrit :
Is there an elegant way to run a 'Build' on multiple slaves?
Hi 154193912,

I am trying to configure Buildbot as a deploy framework for our java web apps.
I tried to deploy a package with one 'Build' from another 'Compile & Package Build', 
I already came up with a silly solution, when the 'Compile & Package Build' finishes,
it triggers a 'Tiggerable Scheduler', which then triggers a set of 'Tiggerable Scheduler's,
it sounds like a function call to a list of functions.
Its not that silly. Its actually the way it's meant to be.

The only part that you missed is that you should trigger the same builder, but with a different property. You can then use canStartBuild (http://docs.buildbot.net/0.8.10/manual/cfg-builders.html?highlight=canStartBuild#builder-configuration), in order to select which slave will take the build.

Now, how can you trigger the same builder with different property in one Trigger step.
If you are on eight, then the only solution is to create a lot of Triggereable schedulers with different set_properties options

If you are one of the happy early nine adopters, then you can use the new Trigger step customization point:

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