[Buildbot-devel] Status of IStatusReceiver in 0.8.12?

Daniel Kauffman daniel.kauffman at rocksolidsolutions.org
Sat Aug 8 20:01:05 UTC 2015

I understand that IStatusReceiver and friends have been / are being 
removed from 0.9 per http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3178

Meanwhile, what is the status of IStatusReceiver in 0.8.12?

The docs for 0.8.12 at 
refer to:

    from buildbot.plugins import status

But on buildbot start that configuration snippet raises:

    exceptions.AttributeError: Plugin buildbot.status:WebStatus does not
    implement IStatusReceiver: An object has failed to implement
    interface <InterfaceClass buildbot...IStatusReceiver>

Might I be missing something on my installation?  Or has this been 
removed from 0.8.12 as well as from the master branch, perhaps due to an 
overzealous backport?  Or are the docs are out of date?  Or?

Daniel Kauffman
Lead Developer
Rock Solid Solutions, LLC
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