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Tue Aug 11 19:05:56 UTC 2015

to indicate that force-build is allowed but only when some kind of admin
password is required.

> I'll take a look at creating a patch for the CVS version, but I'm not sure 
> just when I'll be able to get to it.  When do you plan to make the next 
> release?

Hopefully in a few weeks. The major items left are:

 updating to the current interfaces
 generalizing step_twisted.Trial, making it useful for all Trial-using trees
 figure out 0.5.0-compatibility stuff, old-slave/new-master stuff
 bring back force-build
 lots of testing

the other things that I might try to squeeze in:

 new HTML display (no history, just current/last-build status per builder)
 IRC "noisy": tell the buildbot to announce whenever a build passes/fails,
  ask it to watch a given build

>  > I'll also look into putting a flag on the per-Builder config file that
>  > lets you enable/disable the world-accessible Force-Build button.

> Per-builder config file?  Is that new in the CVS version?

Sorry, I mean in the per-Builder section of the config file. Maybe something

b1 = {'name': "glib-quick",
      'slavename': "bot1",
      'builddir': "glib-quick",
      'factory': f1,
      'allowForceBuild': True,

This would allow control of the force-build feature by builder, instead of by
communication-protocol (IRC vs HTTP).

Dunno, maybe it'd be useful. Not sure.


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